Gloria Sahara.NOW Happiness Life Founder

在 Gloria 的生命旅程,探索不同知識與智能, 有幸認清楚自己的能力與新興媒體世界連接,並找到自己存在的方式。她擁有連結不同的人特質,喜歡傳播,感染遇見的人,將希望訊息傳播到別人生命中。

在2010年間,Gloria (陳煥霏)是一個創意媒體系的畢業生,亦開始思考人生方向種種未知不解的問題,經多位朋友同時推薦閱讀了第一本有關靈性的書籍 “The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying”《西藏生死書》。隨即7年間她開始跌跌撞撞的摸索人生旅途,涉足於電視電影、廣告、報章及數碼媒體等範疇,不知不覺地覺醒的種子也於意識裡頭埋下發芽。

終於在2016年遇上幾位令生命重新導向的導師,先是接觸了自己生命易圖(Human Design)的解讀,驚覺每人的獨特性以及設計巧妙。其後時間都是被安排好的,遇上了靈性反應療法(SRT),理解了種種生命途上事件的根本原因與不同課題出現,處理能量上的狀況。兩種工具適時出現都強烈震動Gloria 內在的躍躍欲試準備好展現真我的靈魂。

Gloria於2017年 重新起步Go with The Flow,以她的靈魂使命去協助準備好覺醒的同路人看清限制,用自己的頻率與大家共修 “WE SHARE IN THE LOVE OF ONE” 的信念,生活於喜樂,每天都是慶祝生命豐盛的日子,讓每位都成為NOW Happiness Keeper。

  • Human Design Empowerment Coach
  • Certified Spiritual Response Therapy Consultant (SRA)
  • Master Degree of Cultural Study, Lingnan University 
  • Bachelor of Arts [Hons] in Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong

Gloria Sahara graduated with a major in Creative Media in 2010. Always thinking about life, she realizes her inner desire to pursuit deeper knowing on spiritual topics, after finishing reading her first spiritual book – “The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying”, recommended by one of her close friends. Exploring life with a trial and error attitude, she has been working in various professional fields namely TV channel broadcasting, movie making, advertising, publishing, and digital marketing,etc for 7 years. In the meantime, the seed of spiritual awakening has been planted throughout her career, to grow and expand her consciousness of her life purpose.
It was not long till Gloria have meet several life mentors that make her fully awaken to her purpose on spiritual path. Starting with her exposure to the modality of Human Design, equipped her understanding of energy, and how one to fully utilize inner blueprint to maximize the life potential of a person. Following her intuition, she was lead to the modality Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), and realize one must go through karma and life lessons on soul paths to understand the true meaning of life. These modalities have enabled Gloria now to become fearless and to be an authentic individual to live life to the fullness.
At this stage, Gloria has decided to follow the flow of life and go on this spiritual path, to assist individuals who are seeking, or awakening to their soul purposes. Gloria is determined to help those who came across awakening journey like how she went through, and intended to help one to exceed own limitations. “WE SHARE IN THE LOVE OF ONE”, is the motto she would like to share to every soul that are attracted to her through her vibration and energy. It is to live our lives as joyful as we may and celebrating life everyday. Be present at this moment, and to become one of the “NOW Happiness Keeper”!!
Luckily she could explore different aspects of knowledge and identify my skills and abilities with the connection of new media in my life’s journey. Taking a step-by-step approach to find my way of life. Loving to bond with various kinds of people holding different attributes, spreading something good and inspiring people around me, I enjoy delivering message of hope and joy to other people’s lives.
Other qualifications:
  • Certified Spiritual Response Therapy Consultant (2019)
  • Goal Setting to Success: Life Coach Certification Accredited (2019)
  • Narrative Therapy Basic certificate (2018)
  • Shadow Psychology and Psychotherapy Certificate (2018)
  • Manifesting by Design 14-Day Challenge (by Karen Curry Parker) (2018)
  • SRA Sponsored Intensive Skills Class (by Lisa Gibbings-Koo) (2018)
  • Translate team of the book “Journey into the Heart” for Daniel Mitel (2018)
  • Usui Reiki Level 3, Allpamama (2017)
  • Quantum Abundance Activation (by Karen Curry Parker) (2017)
  • House of Light SRT Practitioner Supportive Program (2017)
  • SRT Professional Training (by Shirley Kuo) (2017)
  • Awakening the Illuminated Heart® (by Daniel Mitel) (2017)
  • Gene Keys 64 Gate (by Stephen Wong) (2017)
  • Connect with Angelic Realm Workshop (Basic) (by Shirley Kuo) (2017)
  • Spiritual Response Therapy Advanced (by Shirley Kuo) (2017)
  • Human Design Empowerment Coach Program (by Kaldora Lee) (2017)
  • 13/28 Galactic Calendar (by Dr Ana Zikic) (2017)
  • Solfeggio Tuner Certificate, Allpamama (2016)
  • Angel Tuners Workshop, Allpamama (2016)
  • Master Degree of Cultural Study, Lingnan University (2016)
  • Bachelor of Arts [Hons] in Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong (2010)

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