《The Door Closes in a Few Years》



在過去的400年中,輪迴十字數「計劃」的張力將我們的生活凝聚在一起。 但很快這種集內在的需求、驅動力及目的於一起的保護生命方式將不再能保障我們固有的生活。這意味著我們基本的社會運作方式即將崩潰告終。


因此,真正關門的時間前我們還有幾年時間。亦即是科學對於磁單極(Magnetic Monopole)只剩下幾年時間去驗證。 這是當前的全球計劃。 這時正是允許知識和真相湧出的時候,以便讓最根本的真相可以實現,否則您以後將無法得到真相。


整個時代將會消失。 表面上將需要更長的時間才能看到它的發生。 因此,我們過去400年來建立的所有機制未必一夜之間就瓦解了。 但是它們開始惡化的速度甚至比現在眼見的速度還要快。 正如您將看到的那樣,我們將在這些信息中起作用。

但是我們這個時代是如此美麗,因為您可以看到它的禮物。 你的確可以!真正的關鍵將是這世界擁有多少新知識。這個時代給我們帶來的所有好處都是由這些共有的知識學者所能帶來的—科學工廠,全世界的大學都在這些這些信息存有掫取所有訊息。最終,我們本來成功的榮耀正在逐漸消失。 關於我們了解自然的方式,我們了解世界的方式以及我們了解世界需求的方式,所有我們想當然的事情都將崩潰。

Ra Uru Hu是Human Design System的創始人和傳訊者。 Ra生命的25年致力於系統的開發和教學,直到在2011年去世。


《The Door Closes in a Few Years》

The glue of the Cross of Planning has held together our lives for the last 400 years. But there will soon be no inherent need, drive, or purpose fulfilled through coming together to protect that way of life. This means we will basically end up with a breakdown in the way in which society is going to function.

We’re not going to live in an age of innovation the way we know it. The age of innovation is now, and we’re in such an incredible place now that anything is possible for the next several years until 2027.

So we have a few years to close the door. There’s only a few years for science to verify the Magnetic Monopole. This is the current global program. This is the moment for allowing knowledge and truth to come pouring out so that the essential truth can be achieved now, because you can’t get it later.

It’s why Human Design is here. It’s the manual for the future because it’s the mechanics of the maia, and it simply works.

And this whole epoch will disappear. It will take longer on the surface to see it happen. So it’s not like overnight all these institutions we have established over the last 400 years are simply going to fall apart. But they will begin to deteriorate at a rate that is even faster than they’re deteriorating now. And as you’ll see as we get into the information, there will be other things that are at play in all of this.

But this era of ours is so beautiful, you can see the gift of it. Truly, you can. How much knowledge has been brought into the world is really the key. This epoch has brought us all of the benefits of what communal intellectual work can bring—the scientific factories, the universities worldwide pumping out all of these information beings. The glory of what we have succeeded in is slowly disappearing. And all the things we have taken for granted about the way in which we understand our nature, the way we understand the world, and the way we understand what we need in the world—all of that is going to fall apart.

Ra Uru Hu was the Human Design System’s founder and messenger. Ra dedicated 25 years of his life to the development and teaching of the System around the world until he passed away in 2011.