《The Background Frequency Will Change the Way We Bond》




伴隨著性的誘惑力的是情感波頻。 它的創造影響著我們的力量,無論我們稱其為需求,激情還是生殖的慾望,而這種力量將會減少。這將對人口產生影響,因為找到合適的伴侶的機會將減少,因此它將給人們結合方式帶來很多變化。





Ra Uru Hu是Human Design System的創始人和傳訊者。 Ra生命的25年致力於系統的開發和教學,直到在2011年去世。


The thing about the background frequency is that it’s going to eliminate one of the basic elements of how human beings operate, which is through sexual allure.It is the Emotional wave that carries the sexual lure with it; it creates this force that impacts us, whether we call it the need, the passion, or the desire to reproduce, and this is something that is going to diminish. It’s going to impact the population because there will be less opportunities to find suitable partners, so it’s going to bring a lot of changes to how mating and bonding is experienced.This background frequency of the Sleeping Phoenix is going to change the basic dynamic of how we meet the other, and impact the way we are interested in someone.In the same way that for the last 400 years, the way in which we’ve connected to the other was based on whether they were going to be our loyal partner. The background frequency (Cross of Planning) has affected how all of our relationships have worked through ideas of love, honor and obey. The 19/49 is about flirtation, looking for the resources, and together with the 40/37 we get to building the community to look after the children.All of that was due to the background frequency we’re currently still in, but that’s not going to carry forward. In term of relationships, what those beings post-2027 will be interested in is going to be very different. They’re not going to have that same kind of amplified (emotional) attractiveness, and will be oriented toward a very different kind of potential partner in which the bargain is not part of the deal, because there is no bargain in the background frequency.We have all of these arrangements, these contracts, these deals that are being replaced by an orientation towards “selfishness” with the Sleeping Phoenix. So we have to be prepared. And isn’t it interesting that this is the way in which life brings out a mutation? The whole mating tradition is going to change from a tribal to an individual approach.

Ra Uru Hu was the Human Design System’s founder and messenger. Ra dedicated 25 years of his life to the development and teaching of the System around the world until he passed away in 2011.